Structural Steel Design


Fastrak Composite Beam Software
which is a free download and a free trial of some structural calculation software's website with every conceivable type of information on the design of steel structures.
Mostly publications of the Steel Construction Institute, downloadable (some only if you are a member).

Bouwen met Staal
For useful information on the website of Bouwen met Staal, including details of the interface
between the structure and the non-structural elements of a building. (English version available.)

Steel Essentials
Steel Essentials website, run jointly by Corus and the British Constructional Steelwork Association,
providing access to publications on a wide range of topics.

American Institute of Steel Construction
The American Institute of Steel Construction website provides access to lots of publications,
many of which can be downloaded for free. You can also visit their 'Frequently asked questions'
click here for an answer to a wide range of questions.

Canadian Institute of Steel Construction
The Canadian Institute of Steel Construction's 'Frequently asked questions' contains valuable information.
The website also constains a useful list of abstracts of papers published elsewhere
Click here.

Access Steel
Access Steel is a website dedicated to making the use of the Eurocodes easier.

British Constructional Steelwork Associtaion
This website contains a lot of information. Structural engineers may find much useful information in the 'Resources' field
(bottom left of the home page) under Technical Resources, Guidance Notes and Steel Essentials

Australian Steel Institue
Search amoung 1000 documents on the website of the Australian Steel Institute.


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