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SAICE's Civilution Congress supports NDP for the future of South Africa - 6-8 April 2014

Civilution is about the process of mobilising South Africa's engineering capacity to support government in its aspirations for an improved South Africa. Civilution is an era of the next 30 -50 years, and history will judge this era by what the engineering society has achieved for the development of South Africa - in the time of the National Development Plan (NDP), Presidential Infrastructure Coordinating Commission (PICC), Strategic Integrated Projects (SIP's), New Growth Path (NGP), as well as transformation and development.

The NDP and the aspirations for an improved South Africa centre on efficient infrastructure development and its economical operation and maintenance. Civilution says that there are no better people to assist with achieving this plan, than the custodians of infrastructure – engineering practitioners. The NDP, specifically its 9 priorities are those which engineers can contribute to achieve the aspirations of an improved South Africa – expectations from the professionals, government and the public in view of the 2030 plan.  The idea behind the Civilution stresses that for the 9 priorities to be achieved engineering practitioners need to be welcomed back as vital role players in service delivery to effect efficient government operations.

The Congress provides a platform for engineers to show their solidarity to the cause of an improved South Africa. It provides a platform upon which the relevant stakeholders both in the professional and public arena may come together to tackle the infrastructure development strategy. In doing so, they also address the issues which exist within both public and private sectors which impede the success of the NDP. Issues such as corruption, a lack of technical expertise, a limited work flow, and the lack of training of young engineers as well a lack of political will at delivery points are amongst some one of the most pressing issues facing the fraternity and ultimately impeding development. Addressing these issues is imperative if the objectives of the movement and the NDP are to be attained.

Trevor Manuel, the Minister in the Presidency and the Minister in charge of the NDP, Nazir Alli (CEO of SANRAL), Trevor Fowler (City Manager of Johannesburg) and Ketso Gordhan will lead this discussion at the Civulution Congress on Monday 7 April 2014 with the view of uniting the engineering and construction industries and to foster collaboration with the aspirations of national government.

6 – 8 April 2014
Emperors Palace, Johannesburg, South Africa
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