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SAISC launches the Connections eToolkit

Do you design steelwork connections?
Do you sometimes wish it was a simpler process?

The Connections eToolkit is a revolutionary digital design instrument created by the SAISC with the following characteristics and features:
An intuitive digital tool on your laptop, tablet ... and in time even your smart phone!

Selecting of SAISC standard connections from 5 major groups

Selecting member sizes from a full data base of sections

Selecting bolt diameters, numbers and the connecting plate

Calculating the capacity of the connection at the click of a button

Finding "the weak link in the connection" with your cursor

Checking the connection for combined loads from analysis

Opening a to-scale sketch of your connection with all stiffeners, dimensions and weld sizes specified, transferable to the construction drawings

Reviewing examples, discussions and commentaries relating to your design

Saving and printing a summary of the connection design and filing it in a logical paper or traceable electronic manner.

Promoting (and actually tutoring) sensible best practice.

Conveniently referencing and working in synergy with content from the SAISC's Handbook for Steelwork Connections (the 'Green Book') and relevant limit states. (It is not intended to replace these hard publications.)

Do you have technical enquiries about eToolkit OR do you wish to advertise within the eToolkit? Contact Amanuel Gebremeskel at Tel +27 (0)11 726 6111 or by email


Click here to look at a typical screen sample from eToolkit

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