Join the SAISC

How to apply

To apply for membership of the SAISC, go through the following steps:

1. Print out the applicable application form (get the application form for your specific category of membership under Categories of Membership):

2. Complete the relevant membership application form. In the case of applications for professional individual membership, add the necessary proof of education and professional registration.

3. Sign the compliance to the SAISC mission, objectives and code of ethics.

4. Where possible, let a member of the Institute endorse your application.

5. Send the application forms to the SAISC.

Receipt of the application will be acknowledged without delay. Acceptance of the applicant as a member takes some time, as it needs the approval of the SAISC Board, after due process.

Note: Students and academics must complete the application form for Associate Individual Members, except academics who want to be recognised as professional members must complete the form for Professional Individual Members.


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