Structural Steel Design


An Excel spread sheet (2007/2010 version) that deals with the numerical processes of the latest South African Loading Code (SANS 10160 Parts 1 to 8) can be downloaded below.

This software must be used in conjunction with the above code.  It is assumed  that the user is familiar with the details of that code.

This software is accepted and used by the recipient with the express understanding that neither SAISC nor any of the programmers or contributors makes any warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability, usability, or suitability for any particular purpose of the information and data contained in this software or furnished in connection therewith, and neither SAISC nor any of the programmers or contributors shall be under any liability whatsoever to any person by reason of any use made thereof. Users assume responsibility for the results achieved from this software and should verify applicability and accuracy.

Please send an email to to be notified of any future revisions. This address can also be used for any comments/suggestions.

Details of the programmers can be found at


DesignTool SANS 10160

8.61MB Download


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